Survey: Which browsers do schools got?

I’ve decided on using D3 to create my tectonic application. Since D3 supports so-called “modern” browsers, which generally means everything except IE8 and below, I did a small survey where I asked IT departments at schools all around Norway (at least one school in each county) which browsers their school is using. I got 37/48 replies:

Luckily, more than 80% have IE9 installed, many of them a combination of IE9 and Firefox.  The most popular browser among students is Chrome, and the students tend to install this browser on the computers they use. Teachers use IE and Firefox, but also here Chrome is growing in popularity. IE9 and Chrome were the most-used browsers.  7 schools said they used IE, but not which version, while only 5 schools said they still had IE8 – mentioning that those computers likely would be upgraded some time this year.

Survey: Which browsers do schools got?


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