New York Times’s multimedia feature “Snow Fall”

New York Times's multimedia feature Snow Fall

Snow Fall” is the future of online journalism because of this: FLOW

  •  It’s introducing us to photos, videos and visualizations when we’re ready and according to where we are in the text.
  • The structure makes sure we don’t have to go looking for extra information (like a map or an image) placed somewhere else in the text, it’s all there when you need it.
  • Everything is broken down to small and comprehensible bits and scattered around the text to where we need them (videos, small animations, big animations, slideshows etc).
  • No disturbing links and advertising in the left and right columns, but plenty of space that allows us to concentrate on what we’re reading.
  • Everything is consistent, easy to use, and it also works well on other platforms like mobile phones.

By the way, when it comes to using sound – sound can be informative, but you’re not always in a situation where it’s ok that your computer suddenly starts making noise – maybe, instead of surprising us with sound, we can introduce the fact that “soon there will be sound” and get an option to turn the sound off. It could be as simple as an icon that you can click on to turn it off – but tell us before it happens, and let us choose.


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