Another setback

My geologist just gave me bad news:

  1. The data set I’ ve got showing plate boundaries and global coaslines doesn’t take the sea level rise into account (which means it’s not giving the correct picture of how the world used to look).
  2. The data set I’ve got showing political boundaries isn’t correct, because the land is also changing, something my data set isn’t taking into account (oh oh, this is crucial for the You Are Here function)
  3. The plate boundaries data set I requested might be too complicated for me to use (and I don’t know if it goes back 300Ma years, if it doesn’t I definately can’t use it).

That leaves me with nothing. I’ve got 3 more months to try to find what I need, but I must admit, I’m a little bit afraid that I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist. Fingers crossed I’m wrong.


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