You Are Here – visuals

Finally I’m starting to get visuals from the application I’m working on. And OMG, I’m really struggeling with how to make it. I’m emailing the wonderful Robin Watson (my geology guy) all the time, nagging about datasets that I need, and I keep hitting the wall when it comes to the programming part (poor Till Nagel, creator of the Unfolding library that I’m using, he’s being lovely though). I’m constantly out of my comfort zone, just the way Joel wants it to be. Lately I’ve been exporting data from GPlates, converting it to a GeoJSON format and then parsing it using Unfolding. Here is a picture of how the world looked like 120 million years ago (the white map is how the world looks like today):

Can’t wait to start designing the map! (won’t happen until the beginning of next semester)


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