Two days at Blindern

This Monday I met the lovely Torunn Aanesland Strømme for a quick chat about digital learning resources. Torunn is a PhD candidate at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research, interested in understanding how students learn science when using ICT in the science classroom. She has been working on a EU-project named SCY – “Science Created by You” – a project that developed a system for constructive and productive learning of science and technology by using a flexible and adaptive pedagogical approach to learning. Several countries participated in the project, in Norway they were primarily concerned with evaluation. I joined a breakfast meeting at Blindern on Tuesday where Anders Kluge presented their findings. Here are my notes:

  • They used a pre-test post-test design (like to monitor the effect of the teaching method upon groups of students.
  • Consisted of 15-20h school projects.
  • Three testing rounds where they started with school projects organized in a very open way, and found that the students needed more structure (the “weak” students more than the “strong” students).
  • Being good at exploring did not make up for a lack of knowledge in the subject they were dealing with.
  • Students thought they had finished the task as soon as they had made something.
  • Students always tried to find the easy way out of a problem.

Science teacher Eileen H. Klaveness from Ullern videregående skole was invited to comment on the presentation. Here are my notes:

  • Student motivation is IMPORTANT.
  • Students are more motivated when they get to explore.
  • Use the students’ everyday conceptions and experiences as a starting point when beginning on a new project.
  • Know individual students’ starting points.

One comment

  1. Torunn

    Can’t wait to read your thesis. Good luck with your great work!

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