Gathering visualization species

I’ve started mapping out the different data visualization models:

  • How they look – image
  • What’s their name – text above image
  • Their origin / family (ex the pie chart and the doughnut chart are in the same family) – color coding
  • Their purpose of use (showing relationship, giving an overview ++) – link together (with different lineweight?)
So far I’ve put them in a diagram where their position is determined by how attractive they are and their function & effectiveness (based on what I read about them on the internet). I don’t know if this is a good solution yet.
My final goal will be to make an interactive map, where you can select to:
  • Not show families/not show relations/not show names/not show images
  • Show only one family/one relation/names
  • On mouse-over read about the visualizations and get links to where you can find more information / read discussions ++
  • Maybe people can make their own map placing the visualizations where they believe it should be – will be like a survey because it becomes personal

Draft #1 : Only 50 visualizations (the size is too big, and the type will be 8pt and not 9pt), no color (haven’t sorted out the families yet) and no linking (haven’t sorted out their relationship (purpose) yet)

Just started working with it:


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