Megan Jaegerman and Amanda Cox

Two very inspiring women: Megan Jaegerman and Amanda Cox, both from The New York Times.

Megan Jaegerman worked at The New York Times from 1990 to 1998. Edward Tufte has written about her and shows her work here.

Amanda Cox has an education in statistics, and works as the Graphics Editor at The New York Times.

She believes that her most important skill is making a lot of stuff that the Graphic Department throw away – making stuff that doesn’t work and then not being so attached to it that it’s disappointing to get rid of it. Basically, she’s good at sketching with data and quickly make a lot of charts (the idea being to make five hundred charts and then choose the best one). Such a great way to work, especially when your working with visualizing data!

Here is a presentation by Amanda at the Danish conference “New Media Days”.
She acknowledges the unfinished task of getting the balance right between presenting a huge dataset and helping the readers find the nuggets, and she says that they don’t use a lot of templates at NYT (the widespread template-work might have something to do with the decline in innovation in the general newspaper-graphics scene?).

And here is a lecture delivered by her on data visualization:


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