Fall colors depend on weather change

USA Today published the article “Fall colors depend on weather changes” which includes an interactive showing seasonal impacts to leaves and color.

Susy Parker and Bob Swanson probably didn’t have that much time making this model, but here are some ideas on how to improve it:


It would be nice if I could mouse over the cross section and get short explanations of the different components that make up the leaf. And we don’t really need a photography of all those leaves, one would do, not interfering with the cross section.



This graph should be coordinated with the three categories “Summer”, “Early fall” and “Late fall”, so that the colors of the leaves would fit to the season I’ve selected (and not just fall – is that early or late fall?). No mouse over is needed, we should be able to see the different colors all the time – why hide the information with a mouse over?


The layout could also be better. The text seems misplaced and makes the whole thing look a bit messy.


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